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I purchased the Graco Lauren Dropside Crib in August and set it up in our new apartment in October. I followed the instructions exactly and cared for the crib as suggested by the manufacturer.

After just one month of use the crib slats are splintering off and have both cut my son and put splinters in his legs. I also got a splinter over an inch long stuck in my hand that nearly required medical attention to remove.

I contacted Graco who was very helpful. They referred me to the manufacturer so I could get a replacement. The Manufacturer (LaJobi Industries) requested pictures which I provided, highlighting the splintering slats. After several emails back and forth, the manufacturer has determined this is not their fault. They "out of good will" will replace only the front and back of the crib, leaving the sides to still harm my child. (They are also splintering, and the company had pictures of that as well.)

As this solution is unacceptable, considering I would be putting my baby in an unsafe crib, I have no other choice but to file complaints everywhere I can. I want to get the word out that cribs from this manufacturer (LaJobi Industries) could possibly be harmful. They have had several recalls for similar issues, though this particular crib has not yet been recalled.

I have filed reports with the CSPC and the BBB. If you have a Graco crib, or are thinking of buying one, please check the manufacturer and buy one from another maker. DO NOT get a LaJobi crib. It's not worth the hassel and hurt baby.


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We had similar problems.Ours was damaged upon purchase.

(Note- ours was also the Lauren, but NOT dropside as those were beginning recall.) We contacted LaJobi, had a new piece sent. That was damaged. And another piece sent. Damaged also.

We went through this repeatedly until we filed with the BBB for a full refund because they had ZERO quality control. We bought the initial crib in Sept. 2009, with our son due in Dec. 2009.

He was 4 months old before we had a crib- and we made sure it was one that had nothing to do with LaJobi.Horrible customer service, quality control, and products.

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